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Album: 80 years in the making
Composer / Performer: Virtuosi GUS Band
Prijs: Ä17.90
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2013 marks the 80th anniversary of Virtuosi GUS Band. Anniversaries are a way of marking significant milestones and symbolic moments in time; they are a way of celebrating achievement, they are a time of reflection and consideration, looking back at the past but also looking forward to the future. Through anniversaries come service and milestones such as the one the band celebrated in 2013 do not occur without the considerable commitment and dedication of those who devote themselves wholeheartedly to the cause.

There can be no finer example of this than John Berryman, who, in October 2013, relinquishes his position as Musical Director after no less than 54 years association with Virtuosi GUS Band. Joining the band at the tender age of 18, within a year he had been appointed principal cornet. Since that time, John has enjoyed two highly successful terms as Musical Director and one as Resident Conductor. It may be true to say that for all the tangible success he has brought to the band, it is in the less obvious areas that John will perhaps be best remembered. For example, his unassuming character, unselfish commitment to the cause and endearing personality. What remains incalculable is the guidance and encouragement he has shown to the numerous players who have come under his wing. This album then, as well being a celebration of the band's 80th anniversary, is a fitting tribute to John Berryman and all he has achieved with the band during his long association.

1 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - J. S. Bach arr. Mark Freeh 8.36
2 Jealousy - Jacob Gade arr. John Iveson Peter, Collins and James Fountain (Trumpets) 4.38
3 Cantus Lacrimosus - Karl Jenkins arr. Andrew Wainwright 3.55
4 Themes from Silverado - Bruce Broughton arr. Gareth Green 4.19
5 The Harmonious Blacksmith - George Friderick Handel arr. Keith Wilkinson, Mark Giles (Euphonium) 5.03
6 And the Winter Moon Rises - Andrew Baker 4.03
7 Blackfriars - Eric Cundell arr. Frank Wright 11.17
8 Galop from Masquerade Suite - Aram Khachaturian arr. Andrew Wainwright 2.50
9 Ballad from Concertino for Flugel Horn - William Himes, Thomas Fountain (Flugel Horn) 5.15
Contest Music - Wilfred Heaton
10 I. Allegro 4.13
11 II. Molto adagio 5.24
12 III. Vivo 4.53

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