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Album: AANBIEDING - Heaton
Composer / Performer: Royal Danish Brass
Prijs: Ä13.00
ID Nummer:

The works of Wilfred Heaton have immediate originality and tower above more conventional medleys, adaptations and arrangements. The pieces chosen for this album are tuneful and catchy but, at the same time, interesting and challenging. Royal Danish Brass' approach to and interpretation of the brass band style may seem symphonic but merely reflects its deep love for the genre and especially for the music of Wilfred Heaton. The recording was made in the large rehearsal room at the Royal Opera House, Copenhagen without a conductor.

1 Variations on Annie Laurie - Nikolaj Viltoft (Trumpet) 8.45
2 Scherzo for Brass Quartet 9.44
3 Le Tricot Rouge Wilfred Heaton Royal Danish Brass 2.55
4 Toccata - Oh the Blessed Lord 7.41
5 Wonderful Words 4.50
6 Victory for Me 4.05
7 Just As I Am 4.40
8 Praise 3.15
9 Choral Prelude 5.16

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