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Album: BOOK - The Major and his Band (incl. CD)
Composer / Performer: Abram / Bickershaw Colliery Band
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The Major and his Band: the Story of Abram/Bickershaw Colliery Band by Keith Hollingshead. First published 1994 – now back in print. 75 pages with black and white photographs. The band was one of the outstanding brass bands of its time and won the British Open Championships in the years 1940, 1943 and 1946. One of the famous conductors of the band was Harry Mortimer.
Includes a remastered CD of Harry Mortimer and Abraham / Bickershaw Colliery Band: Two Legendary Names

1 Punchinello - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Rimmer)
2 The Kings Lieutenant - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Titl)
3 The Mill in the Dale - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Cope)
4 A Downland Suite - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Ireland)
5 Washington Grays - Bickershaw Colliery Band
6 Cavalcade of Martial Songs - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Nichols)
7 Barcarolle - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Offenbach)
8 Blaze Away - Bickershaw Colliery Band (Holzman)
9 Somewhere a Voice is Calling - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Organ (Tate)
10 The Warrior - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Fodens (Windsor)
11 Alpine Echoes - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Organ (Windsor)
12 Zelda - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Orchestra (Code)
13 Jack and Jill - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Jack Mackintosh (Windsor)
14 A Trumpet Voluntary - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Organ / Brass (Clarke)
15 The Trumpet Shall Sound - Harry Mortimer (Cornet/Trumpet) with Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (Handel)

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