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Album: Cory, Cory, Hallelujah!
Composer / Performer: R.Childs
Prijs: Ä20.00
ID Nummer: wob

Cory, Cory, Hallelujah! traces the proud history of the legendary Cory Band, from its pioneering days as the Ton Temperance Band through 125 years of change to its current status as world leaders in the brass band movement. This substantial book features more than 200 pages and over 150 colour photographs. It also lists hundreds of past members as it records the trials and tribulations of Wales' premier band. Cory, Cory, Hallelujah! lifts the soul with inspirational tales of success and also captures some of the dark, sad times including the sudden death of T.J. Powell as he conducted a BBC radio broadcast and the tragic bandroom fire of 1990. As the band celebrates its 125th year, Dr Robert Childs povides a compelling and unique insight into the colourful history of Cory Band and also brings the reader up to date with an insight into his working methods.

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