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Album: Royal Albert Hall Highlights Vol. 2 - The Holy War
Composer / Performer: Salvation Army
Prijs: Ä13.00
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For many Salvationists, the annual pilgrimage to the Royal Albert Hall has formed numerous happy and lasting memories. This was an opportunity to witness The Salvation Army on a grander scale, to hear the latest music and to get a chance to listen to the international section that was touring the United Kingdom.

This recording brings together just a glimpse of the many highlights and inspired moments the Royal Albert Hall concerts have provided. It is hoped that, in presenting this collection, the listener will be transported back to those exciting summer evenings that continue to be an integral part of The Salvation Army's music ministry.

1 Amazing Grace Trad arr. Leonard Ballantine Jude Gotrich with Festival Chorus and The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army 5.23
2 Jericho Re-visited William Himes Chicago Staff Band 8.23
3 Let The Bright Seraphim George Frideric Handel Tracy Bearcroft with Richard Phillips (Piano) and Kevin Ashman (Trumpet) 5.53
4 Song of the Eternal Leslie Condon Enfield Citadel Band 12.47
5 A Childhood Suite Ray Steadman-Allen Festival Chorus 13.54
6 Jazz Trilogy Stephen Bulla Herb Bruce (Trombone) with Stephen Bulla (Piano) and Bernie Dake (Percussion) 4.19
7 Joy to the World George Frideric Handel arr. Johnson Staines Songsters 2.17
8 The Holy War Ray Steadman-Allen The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army 13.40
9 There Will Be God Joy Webb William Davidson with Festival Chorus and string ensemble 4.13

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